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New Year New You Infographic

Enter the New Year with a new look from face to body. Dr. Erika Sato can help you achieve a fresh start. Her infographic details procedures from Facelift and Breast Augmentation to Tummy Tucks and Liposuction that will help you determine what you need to achieve a new you. For more information, contact Dr. Sato for […]

Mommy Makeover

Curious about a Mommy Makeover? Get your pre-baby body back! Find out what a Mommy Makeover is and what the procedure entails in this infographic. A mommy makeover is a set of plastic surgery procedures designed to restore a woman’s figure after pregnancy. We look forward to helping you throughout your Mommy Makeover journey. Call us […]

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss: Three Things You Need to Know

Have you lost a lot of weight? Many of our post-bariatric patients are elated at their new, thinner bodies, but often feel a bit embarrassed and frustrated by the excess skin that remains. Finish your weight loss journey with post-bariatric body contouring. Dr. Sato can lift and reshape your body for a stunning transformation. Say […]

What to Expect Regarding Tummy Tuck Scarring

If you’re considering a tummy tuck, you might be a bit concerned about scarring. You want the surgery to flatten and restore your mid-section and don’t want a large, unsightly scar getting in the way of your new look. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect scarring wise. If you have any specific questions about […]

Tummy Tuck Myths and Facts

Do you have a bit extra in the abdominal area? Would you like to remove excess skin and fat for a flatter, more attractive waistline? Before you get that tummy tuck make sure you know the facts. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about this cosmetic surgery procedure. Knowing the truth from the fiction […]

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