SmartLipo TriPlex Houston

SmartLipo TriPlex Houston Beautiful BodySmartlipo TriPlex is a minimally invasive laser lipolysis that permanently eliminates fat in trouble spots like your abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, and neck.

This laser body sculpting procedure melts away fat and can treat large areas, small troublesome areas, and/or fibrous or secondary liposuction areas.

Compared to traditional liposuction, Smartlipo TriPlex has a slightly increased procedure time, but less bleeding and bruising, and therefore, less patient downtime.

For those patients with some skin laxity, loose skin can remain where fat is suctioned out after traditional liposuction. The laser component of Smartlipo TriPlex causes a tissue reaction through soft tissue coagulation that leads to collagen production which tightens skin ~12-19%. This feature of Smartlipo TriPlex makes it more effective than traditional liposuction in revealing underlying muscle tone/definition.

Results are almost immediate and will be apparent within two weeks with continued improvement for 3-6 months after the procedure. The skin tightening aspect is delayed and will be apparent 3-4 months after the procedure.