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Can I Pick and Choose What’s Part of My Mommy Makeover?

Do you love your babies, but hate your stretchmarks? Pregnancy changes the body, often in ways that can be downright depressing. If you’re tired of sagging breasts, a paunchy tummy, and changes “down there”, a Mommy Makeover could be the transformation you’re seeking. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sato to learn about your options for […]

Labiaplasty Is All the Rage. Don’t Be Shy … Find Out More!

Ladies—let’s get personal for a moment. How do you like your lady parts? If things need a bit of improvement, come see Dr. Sato about labiaplasty. This procedure is very popular, even if it isn’t something most women are comfortable talking about. Try not to be self-conscious, as labiaplasty is nothing to be embarrassed about. […]

New Year, New You – It’s Time for a Mommy Makeover

The New Year is a time of transformation and we can think of one change most mommies would love: getting their pre-baby body back. Make 2016 the year of your Mommy Makeover and rediscover the sexy body you once loved (or discover the one you’ve always wanted!). Having children changes you, but it doesn’t have […]

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