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How to Decide which Breast Procedure is the Right Fit for You

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Breasts can be a big part of a woman’s image. For some, their breasts may give them confidence. For others, their breasts are a symbol of their motherhood. If these women aren’t satisfied with how their breasts look and feel, it could be disheartening for them. After taking all the breast pills in the world without getting the results they want, maybe it’s high time to consider a breast procedure. And there’s no shame in that.

As women age, the breast tissues lose elasticity. They tend to droop downwards and hang loose like a wizard’s sleeve. In other cases, genetically large breasts cause premature sagging in younger women. Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight changes, trauma, and several illnesses: all of these can dramatically change the appearance of breasts. To fix this problem, one can consider getting a surgical breast procedure. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A lot of women consider undergoing surgical breast procedures without realizing that different types of these procedures are tailored for different issues. And these different “boob jobs” give different results. To help you with this, allow us to explain the basics. Which surgical breast procedure is right for you?

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is perhaps the most common of the boob jobs out there. Basically, the plastic surgeon inserts a kind of silicone implant in a certain area of each breast. The incision placement can be chosen carefully to minimize visible scarring. These include the underarms, under the breasts, or even the navel. The implants, usually made of silicone or a saline solution balloon, provide a lift that will last long and appear natural. The nipple placement may sometimes need to be fixed as well for those with advanced sagging.

This kind of procedure is usually suggested for women with very mild sagging and those with smaller breasts who want to slightly enlarge them. Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes, so choose carefully.

Breast Lift

A breast lift involves raising the breasts to a higher position. Excess skin may be removed as a result of the lift. The areola may be reduced for a perkier appearance and the nipple may also be repositioned in case of a drastic lift. Breast size will not be increased. Scarring may be a tad more noticeable, but can be minimal depending on the procedure.

This kind of procedure is suggested for women with fuller breasts. However, since no artificial implants are involved, breasts that have undergone breast lifts are still susceptible to aging. In time, they will sag again. But they remain natural and last for several years.

Augmentation and Lift Combination

A combination of both a breast augmentation and a breast lift is the ultimate boob job. The procedure is reserved for women with very significant and excessive sagging. This can be caused by age, genetics, trauma, pregnancy, extensive breastfeeding. Extreme weight loss is also a popular reason to undergo a combination procedure. This kind of procedure is also good for clients who have survived accidents which caused their breasts to change in size and shape.

For women who only want a mild increase in their breast size, they can use smaller implants in combination with a precise lift to achieve good results. Also, doing two procedures at once will save you the time and energy of doing a second one in a few years’ time in case you are not happy with the first. As the saying goes, “go big or go home.”

Breast Reduction

What if your boobs are too big? Well, you can get breast reduction surgery. Not everyone wants bigger breasts after all. In fact, smaller breasts can be quite advantageous for some. With smaller breasts, back pain is reduced, running won’t be a bother, and general movement can greatly improve.

Breast reduction is also perfect for men who suffer from gynecomastia. It is a disorder where male breast tissues are unusually large in males. Although common, some cases can be quite extreme and require surgery to remove excess breast tissues. Most notably, professional wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson underwent breast reduction surgery due to gynecomastia. He said that his decision to undergo breast reduction surgery was purely for aesthetic purposes. He had to wrestle wearing a shirt for quite a while because he was a full-time professional wrestler at the time he got the surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery involves totally building new breasts after a mastectomy. This procedure is highly individualized and is even adjunct to breast cancer treatment. There are two kinds of breast reconstruction surgery: one with implants and one with autologous tissue.

Breast reconstruction with implants uses tissue expanders inflated with saline solution which are eventually replaced with silicone implants. Some advantages to this kind of breast reconstruction procedure include a shorter recovery time and longer lasting a breast shape.

Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue is the all-natural route for those who underwent mastectomy. This procedure involves taking skin and fat from different areas of the body and constructing natural breasts with them. This procedure may take longer to heal due to the separate procedures of taking skin, fat, and their blood supply from parts of the body and reconstructing the new breast. Though a bit more taxing, breast reconstruction with autologous tissue is for those who do not want foreign objects inside their bodies.

The kind of procedure that is right for you will greatly depend on your body goals. Do you like them small or do you like them big? Do you like them this way or that way? Keira Christina Knightley or Sofía Margarita Vergara? Consult with family, friends, and healthcare professionals before undergoing surgical breast procedures. Even consult a complete stranger if you want. Ultimately, it’s still your choice to make. What matters is that you’d be happy with your new breasts.