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You know about Brazilian Butt Lifts, one of the most famous procedures that utilize fat grafting; but what do you know about fat grafting to the breasts? It’s actually a newly emerging procedure that’s gaining a reputation as a reliable option for breast enhancement. Now that a series of studies have shown that fat grafting to the breasts is a safe and effective way to increase breast volume and improve shape, fat grafting for the breasts has been gaining traction as a wonderful method of breast enhancement.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is when fat is transferred from areas with excess fat to places in your body that are lacking volume. The first fat grafting procedures were done back in 1893 by a German plastic surgeon. Fat grafting usually has three steps: first, fat is extracted from an area by liposuction, then the extraction is processed – usually using a centrifuge – to separate viable fat cells from debris, excess fluid, and dead cells. Those viable samples are then injected back into the body as micro droplets.

How Does Fat Grafting to the Breast Work?

It might seem a little unorthodox, but fat grafting for breast enhancement is actually a very straightforward procedure that utilizes techniques that have been around for decades. Fat grafting to the breast allows you to kill two birds with one stone: it can increase volume to the breasts while toning and contouring your body. Fat transfers are known for creating subtle, natural-looking fullness to the breasts; and because it’s your own tissue, the risk of your body rejecting the tissue is extremely low.

Who Is a Candidate for Fat Grafting?

If you’re a patient with good skin elasticity and only want a moderate increase in size for breast enhancement, then fat grafting for the breasts is for you. The emphasis on fat grafting for the breasts is naturalism—using your natural tissues, and creating natural results. Women tend to like fat grafting procedures because their breast tissue will retain complete sensation, and your breasts will feel soft to the touch. Fat grafting is also used as an alternative option for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Who is Not a Candidate?

Women who want a more contoured shape or an increase in size bigger than one cup should consider other breast enhancement methods. Women who have sagging breasts should also consider other options for breast enhancement.

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