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Five Fun Ways to Stay Fit in Houston

Ladies Dancing on Poles

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many ways to stay fit and active while also having fun! Studies show that monotony and the lack of variety are some of the top reasons why some people aren’t motivated to work out.

The fact is, there is more to working out than running on a treadmill or pumping iron for hours on end. If you need more convincing, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining ways to stay fit in the Houston area:

Texas Rock Gym

Texas Rock GymWhether you love rock climbing or you’ve always been curious about the sport, Texas Rock Gym is the best indoor rock climbing gym in Houston. The gym boasts of high-quality indoor rock climbing gym set in a fun atmosphere. And contrary to popular notion, rock climbing is suitable for all ages.

The Texas Rock Gym boasts of 14,000 square feet of indoor rock climbing space, 42 Top-Ropes, 5 Auto-Belays, a lead arch and separate bouldering area. There are climbable surfaces made specifically for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Of course, staff members and fitness trainers are always nearby and happy to assist you as you make your ascend. Safety gear is also provided for a worry-free workout.

H-Town Athletic Club

H-Town Athletic ClubWant to build a strong core and have fun at the same time? You will love CrossFit training at H-Town Athletic Club! H-Town Athletic Club’s CrossFit program is designed to boost endurance, tone the body, as well as improve strength, stamina, and power! The gym’s CrossFit training is set in a fun, dynamic environment where you and the rest of the class will sweat it out and develop a stronger body together!

CrossFit training at H-Town Athletic Club is made specifically for gym-goers who are committed to transforming their bodies. The social aspect of the training will definitely motivate you to push yourself to achieve the best shape possible.

Inner Me Studios

Inner Me Studios - Ladies Dancing on PolesInner Me Studios provides a host of entertaining, alternative exercises including pole dancing, kickboxing, belly dancing and boot camp training in a warm, friendly environment. The studio boasts of professional dancers with decades of experience in their respective fields.

The dance studio offers an extensive selection of classes. The classes vary greatly, and there is always something for everyone, even beginners who want to have fun while working out.

Washington Gym

Washington Gym

If you are not keen on the idea of a one-on-one training, then we recommend signing up for group personal training at the Washington Gym! The training is conducted with a small group of people. The workout is personalized and individual attention is guaranteed because of the limited number of participants.

This is a great workout for people who love attending fitness classes or those who want all the benefits of a one-on-one training without the staggering costs. Apart from being budget-friendly, the training is a great way to meet new people, train with like-minded individuals and have fun together.

Row Studios

Row StudiosDid you know that rowing is one of the best total body workouts? You can really feel the difference in your body in just a single workout, but don’t take our word for it! The Row Studios offer a variety of rowing exercises designed to torch calories and tone the physique.

The rowing classes combine high intensity, interval-based training, strength training and mobility, providing you with a balanced, dynamic approach to fitness. If you are serious about transforming your body, then sign up at the Row studios and whip your body into shape!