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Plastic Surgery… Not Just for the Ladies


Men, we’ve got important news for you… Plastic surgery isn’t just for the ladies. Men can benefit from it too. Today let’s explore some of the most popular treatments for men. Could you benefit from one of these procedures?

Male Breast Reduction

At one time or another many men suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts. A male breast reduction can restore a more masculine appearance and decrease the embarrassment you may experience from this condition. Male breast reduction is ideal for male patients that are a healthy weight, but have enlarged breasts. Overweight patients may experience improvement in their condition by losing weight.

The procedure itself consists of liposuction and surgical excision of any fibrous breast tissue. If needed excess skin can be removed during the surgery as well. The placement of incisions will vary depending on the techniques used during surgery. Dr. Sato can explain your options during your consultation.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, post bariatric surgery may help you to regain confidence and discover a new, smaller body. Many male patients are embarrassed by the excess skin that remains after massive weight loss. Dr. Sato can create a customized treatment plan to remove sagging skin and reshape the body. Procedures like a body lift, tummy tuck, etc. are utilized to achieve your ideal shape. This procedure is popular with both male and female patients that have lost a lot of weight and is the final step in the journey to a healthy weight. You’ve worked hard to lose the weight, celebrate with a new body!


While women opt for liposuction to achieve their ideal curves, men can use the procedure to obtain a chiseled look. For many men endless hours at the gym aren’t enough to achieve a six pack, but with liposuction, it may be possible. This procedure can remove the layer of fat that is covering your muscle, exposing the definition you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Liposuction isn’t a weight loss treatment, but a way to obtain your ideal shape.


Is your nose too large? Does it complement your other facial features? Rhinoplasty, or aesthetic nose surgery, can transform your nose. Dr. Sato will work with you to determine your ideal nasal shape and size. Changing the appearance of your nose can change your whole look.

Call today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Sato. Don’t let the ladies have all the fun!