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Social Media and Plastic Surgery in 2015

social media

Social media is so much more than just cat videos and memes. It has a real impact on how see and feel about ourselves. Social media has made a lasting impact on the world, and on the plastic surgery industry too. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the effects social media has on cosmetic surgery in 2015.

Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies

Would you ever consider plastic surgery to look better online? Research suggests that social media is a motivating factor behind many cosmetic procedures. One study found that surgeons reported a 31% increase in patients seeking surgery to look better on social media.

One factor driving this increase could be the ease of looking back on past photos. Years ago aging moved forward with little notice until the signs of aging were severe. Today, we see ourselves online every day. We notice those little crow’s feet as they start to develop. Early action can help patients to avoid more invasive procedures down the road. While more patients are seeking surgery to look better online, it is very possible that these patients are simply having procedures now that they would have had 10 years later, and getting to enjoy the benefits much longer.

The Instagram Selfie Effect

Another interesting plastic surgery trend sparked by social media is the trend of bringing personal photos, not celebrity photos, when requesting procedures. Patients are bringing in photos with a favorite filter or at a favorite angle and asking for procedures to help create this look in real life. Often a laser skin treatment (like Fraxel) or an injectable treatments (like BOTOX® or Juvéderm®) can help achieve these effects without surgery. We love this trend. Patients have finally realized that plastic surgery isn’t about becoming someone else, but rather, achieving your most beautiful self.

Making It Easier to Do Research

Finally, social media changes how patient interact with their surgeons and learn about procedures. Patients can learn more about their chosen surgeons on review sites, can ask for advice from friends on Facebook, and can research procedures online. It is easier than ever for a patient to make informed choices about their bodies and their surgeries. Plus, patients can share their plastic surgery journey, helping to alleviate the stigma behind plastic surgery.

Social media is changing plastic surgery, but many of these changes can be empowering for patients, as long as you use them correctly. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but do it for you, not for your Facebook friends. Take advantage of the wealth of information online and make informed choices for yourself.