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Your Breasts Shouldn’t Make Your Life Harder

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A great deal of people are prone to insecurities regarding their bodies and appearance. These feelings are often prevalent in women, and everything you see in magazines and the media about having the perfect body only adds to these insecurities.

One of the most common beauty tropes you see in the media is that having large breasts can only be a good thing, but for many women, that’s not the case. Sometimes having large breasts can make other aspects of life difficult and uncomfortable.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

For starters, women with large breasts struggle with finding the right clothes to fit them. It can be difficult finding clothes that fit your body well when it is out of proportion. This can make some women feel the need to hide under baggy clothes when they would prefer not to.

Having large breasts can also lead to a number of physical issues that will affect your day-to-day life. These issues include pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Large breasts also produce more sweat in the crease, which causes discomfort and even skin irritation. It’s also a big problem for women who lead an active lifestyle. Performing certain activities can make the pain more severe.

The emotional issues surrounding large breasts involve feeling insecure and self-conscious. Many women feel as though their bodies are out of proportion and unappealing. While it is very important that you accept yourself and your body for the way it is, if you feel too unhappy about your large breasts, there are options you can consider.

Say Goodbye To Your Problems With Breast Reduction

Women who are insecure about their large breasts have often tried to reduce them through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the fat tissue collected in your breasts is one of the most stubborn types in the body.

While following a nutritious diet and regular exercise schedule can help you maintain a good figure, they may not have a significant effect on the size of your breasts.

The most effective way to decrease your breast size is through breast reduction surgery. Also called reduction mammoplasty, this surgical procedure is performed to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat from your breasts. Following this procedure, you will have breasts that are smaller, lighter, and in better proportion to the rest of your body.

What Does Breast Reduction Involve?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that involves general anesthesia. During the surgery, an incision is made around the nipple and extended toward the crease in a straight line. Excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin are excised.

Liposuction may also be performed in case there is a lot of excess fat that needs to be removed. The tissue is then pulled and supported using stitches. The nipple can be repositioned if desired by the patient undergoing the breast reduction surgery. The incisions are then closed with stitches.

The patient will need two to three weeks to recover from this procedure. The results of the breast reduction surgery will be immediately apparent, but the best results are noticed after recovery.

A breast reduction results in smaller, shapelier breasts that no longer cause physical or emotional problems. You will not suffer from excruciating shoulder or back pain on a daily basis and you can also feel more confident wearing your favorite clothes.

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