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What Is SmartLipo Triplex?

smartlipo triplex

Whether you’ve got love handles or a muffin top, sporting extra fat is no fun, especially when it just won’t go away. If diet and exercise can’t eliminate your trouble areas, come see us for a little help. We offer SmartLipo Triplex, a minimally invasive laser lipolysis treatment that can eliminate those unwanted problem areas because the only muffin you need is with breakfast.

SmartLipo Triplex Basics

SmartLipo Triplex is a different kind of liposuction. A small cannula (think pen tip size) is placed under the skin through a tiny incision. Laser energy is focused through this cannula to liquefy the fat cells in the treatment area. This liquid fat is then gently removed through suction. Not only does the laser energy make it easier to remove fat, it also stimulates collagen production and can break down the septa bands that cause cellulite.

This treatment is especially well-suited to patients with skin that has lost some elasticity and patients wanting to treat cellulite. Women with post-pregnancy paunches love this treatment. Men often find that it can give them the defined abs they’ve been working for.

What’s Recovery Like After SmartLipo Triplex?

SmartLipo Triplex is minimally invasive and many patients resume mild activities immediately. Plan to take a couple of days off from work and to return to your normal activities in a couple of weeks. Results are both immediate and progressive. You should see preliminary results in about a week (or sooner as the swelling goes down) with continued improvement for 3-6 months.

Is SmartLipo Triplex Right for Me?

For many patients, SmartLipo Triplex is a great way to shape and contour their body. Come talk with Dr. Sato for personalized recommendations on the best course of treatment for your problem areas. This treatment might be right for you if:

  • You have stubborn fat pockets.
  • You want to drop fat and tighten loose skin.
  • You want to increase the definition in your abdomen or other areas.
  • You want to reshape your abdomen, arms, knees, breasts, back, neck, or jawline.

If you’re ready to reshape your body and tighten your skin at the same time, come see Dr. Sato and ask about SmartLipo Triplex.