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Breast Reduction Surgery Can be Life-Changing. We’ll Tell You How!

breast reduction
Are your breasts weighing you down? Finding a shirt that fits can feel like an insurmountable challenge for women with overly large breasts. Everything looks too tight and/or too revealing. Exercise can be painful and difficult. Back pain, neck pain, and skin rashes become part of daily life. If you’re struggling with extremely large breasts, consider breast reduction surgery. It can truly change your life.

“It’s Something I Did to Better My Life and My Health”

The breast reduction decision can be a difficult one, and is a choice that should be made after careful consultation with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Sato. Many women who opt for the procedure find it to be life-changing. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is one of those women. During her late teens, she made the decision to decrease her breast size from its natural 32F to a 34D. She couldn’t be happier.

Speaking of the surgery, she says, “It’s something that I did to better my life and better my health and I think that that can benefit a lot of young girls. I have felt more happy with myself than I ever have.” Since her surgery, she’s found that people look her in the eye more often, rather than staring at her breasts. Finding a dress to walk the red carpet is also much easier without the wardrobe constraints of her previously large breasts.

How Can Breast Reduction Surgery Change My Life?

Breast reduction surgery can be life-altering. Here are some the benefits patients may enjoy after breast reduction:

  • More Proportionate Figure
  • Feel Better About Yourself
  • Reduce Back/Neck Pain
  • Prevent Permanent Back Problems
  • Enjoy Sports and Physical Activities
  • Reduce Embarrassment
  • Eliminate Skin Irritation
  • Improve Your Posture

What can breast reduction do for you? Call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sato.