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How Can I Prepare for My Upcoming Facelift?

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Like any procedure, proper preparation for a facelift is key to a healthy and quick recovery. Let’s look at how you can best prepare yourself for your upcoming facelift.

Check in with Your Surgeon

During one of your first visits with your surgeon, you need to be able to answer a lot of questions about your medical history. You should be able to tell your surgeon about:

  • Whether you’re a smoker
  • Current and past medical conditions
  • Previous Surgeries
  • Over-the-counter drugs or herbal supplements you’re currently or previously taking

Watch What You Take

You’ll need to avoid these medications about two weeks before the surgery:

  • Aspirin and Motrin
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Herbal Supplements
  • High Doses of Vitamin E
  • Fish oil

However, if you have high blood pressure, then you need to take high blood pressure medication before the procedure.

Avoid Tobacco/Alcohol

If you smoke, take nicotine, or chew tobacco, your surgeons might ask you to quit for at least two weeks before the surgery.

You should also avoid alcohol about a week before the surgery to avoid any kind of complications.

What Do I Eat?

Try not to undergo any drastic diet changes before the surgery, but make sure to avoid a high salt content diet. A high salt diet can cause swelling in tissue, which can cause complications during the surgery.

Although it’s essential that you stay at an optimal weight before the surgery, don’t use any diet pills.

Take Care of Your Skin before Your Facelift

Make sure you limit your exposure to the sun and apply sun screen daily to your face and neck to avoid getting any sort of sun damage or sun burn.

Stay Clean

Wash your hair and face the night and morning before the surgery. Also, make sure that you’re not wearing any makeup, lotions, facial products, hair products, or nail polish the morning of your procedure.

Have A Getaway Driver

Plan on having a trusted, responsible adult drive you home after your facelift.

Get Your Hair Done in Advance

If you regularly dye or perm your hair, then make sure to get this done before the surgery. It might be unpleasant for you to do these while you’re recovering from a facelift.

Avoid Eating Before

Don’t drink or eat anything (even water!) after midnight the night before the surgery. Having an empty stomach can reduce complications with anesthesia.

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