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1. Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation: How to tell which is needed?

This question is best answered by the plastic surgeon after he/she does an examination. If you have loose redundant skin and/or the nipple hangs below the infra-mammary fold, it is likely that you will need a lift with or without an augmentation depending on your desires.

2. How to choose the right breast implant size?

This decision is ultimately made by the patient with the guidance of their plastic surgeon. Implants come in all different shapes and sizes. Your plastic surgeon will take measurements when you come in for a consultation, then give you a range of implants sizes that are safe for your body. The patients can then pick a size that falls in this range.

3. Do breast implants lift slightly sagging breasts?

Breast implants do not lift slightly sagging breasts. Instead, they can fill out some of the loose redundant skin causing the nipple to elevate, which creates the illusion that the breast is lifted.

4. Can I have breast implants under local anesthesia?

Breast augmentations can be done under local anesthesia.

5. Can I have breast implants if I’m planning to have kids in the future?

Yes, woman can get breast implants even if they are planning to have children in the future. Pregnancy and breast feeding can cause changes to the breasts, which may require a lift in the future.

6. Can I breast feed if I have breast implants?

Women can breast feed with breast implants.

7. What is the best shape of implants to achieve more natural looking results?

This question is different for every patient as our bodies are different. In general, anatomic implants can give a more natural appearance.

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8. Do silicone implants harden over time?

Silicone implants do not harden over time, but patient’s can develop capsular contracture, which can cause the implants to look very hard and round.

9. Do breast implants need to be replaced overtime?

Breast implants have a 10 year life span per the manufacturer.

10. How long is the downtime for breast augmentation surgery?

Pain subsides after 24-48h. There is a restriction to aerobic activity (running, jumping, over head arm movements) for two weeks.

11. Silicone vs. Saline: Which breast implant is safer?

Both are equally safe

12. What are the risks of breast implant?

Pain, infection, bleeding, scar, capsular contracture, seroma, hematoma, thinning of the breast tissue over time secondary to the weight of the implant.