Revision Breast Surgery Before & After Photos

Surgeries and treatments performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Erika Sato, Houston, TX.

Revision Breast SurgeryPatient #72

This patient had a previous Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift by another plastic surgeon using a round silicone 425cc implant. She developed a Grade IV capsular contracture in the right breast. The patient no longer wanted breast implants, but did not want to be the “A” cup that she was prior to surgery and did not want another lift. The implants were removed along with a capsulectomy/capsulotomy of the right breast and fat grafting to the bilateral breasts (total lipoaspirate 2300cc/ 245cc to each breast).


Gender: Female
Children: Yes
Patient Age: 35
Patient Height: 5’5
Patient Weight: 135lbs