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How Much Weight Should I Lose Before Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery

You’ve gone through one of the biggest decisions in your life: bariatric surgery. You’ve experienced vast improvements in your life: being more active, fitting into clothes better, living with less health problems, and so much more. But you might find that extreme weight loss has left you with extremely saggy skin. The most effective solution for excess skin is body contouring with Post-Bariatric Surgery, but it’s a major procedure that needs a lot of planning and thought. If you’re considering it, then, you really need to think about how much weight you have to lose before post-bariatric surgery.

Why Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Most people who have saggy skin turn to post-bariatric surgery, a series of body-contouring plastic surgery procedures that can tone the body and remove excess skin caused by bariatric surgery.

When it comes to almost all plastic surgery procedures, the best kind of candidates are the ones that are close to their ideal weight. The idea is that if a patient loses too much weight or gains too much weight after the procedure, the skin tightening results might not turn out so well.

There’s No Magic Number

You might be looking for a specific number, maybe a BMI that will give you the green light as to when you should get your post-bariatric surgery. But you won’t find one; just remember that everybody is different, and there isn’t a defining range of weights that are perfect for post-bariatric surgery. You also shouldn’t try to lose as much weight as possible to prepare for your surgery; sometimes rapid weight loss can result in drastic ups and downs in weight.

So When Do I Know?

Most doctors actually suggest that you wait until at least a year, preferably two, for your weight loss to stabilize. Think about it this way, your stable weight might not be your ideal “low point,” but at least you know that your body-contouring procedures won’t be compromised by fluctuating weight. At the same time, you know that you probably won’t have to get post-bariatric surgery again to compensate for more loose skin.

Other things to Consider

You need to make sure that you are at your peak physical and nutritional health before getting post-bariatric surgery. A non-smoker is the best candidate for the surgery because nicotine can seriously hamper how your body heals.

It might be frustrating to not get the body you want even after bariatric surgery, but post-bariatric plastic surgery can change that.

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