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On the BlogTop 5 Health Benefits of a Breast Reduction

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Many women resort to breast enhancement procedures to increase the size of their breasts or to lift them up for a youthful appearance. Yet, there are also women who prefer breast reduction surgery to enhance their appearance. Although not as popular as breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery can improve a patient’s health, in addition to improving her breasts’ shape and size.

Health Benefits of Breast Reduction

Women with extremely large breasts often get breast reduction surgery for aesthetic and sartorial purposes. They want clothes to fit better in addition to making clothes shopping easier. Once they do, they also get to enjoy the health benefits this surgery provides. If you’re considering reduction mammoplasty, here are the top five benefits you’ll love.

  1. Reduction of Skin Rashes and Irritations

Occurrence of rashes in the area where the breasts meet the torso is common in women who have large breasts. One of the causes is friction and heat. In serious cases, blisters and infections occur. Breast reduction can resolve these symptoms in most cases.

  1. Performance of Exercise Routines is Easier

Women with large breasts often lack exercise as the weight limits them from doing sports, exercise, and other physical activities. Aside from the discomfort of doing exercise, having large breasts makes it harder for them to find a sports bra that provides ample support. Women who get breast reduction surgery discover that it’s more comfortable and easier to exercise with small breasts. Plus, they improve their overall health the more they exercise.

  1. Relief from Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain

Many women who come in for a breast reduction consultation often describe their experience of having large, heavy, pendulous breasts as extremely uncomfortable. Many of them even note that they suffer from immense strain in their neck, back and shoulders. Removing excess tissues and fat lightens their breasts and helps to find relief from this discomfort.

  1. Improvement in Sleep

With large, heavy breasts reduced to a reasonable size, many women often find improvement in their sleep habits. They also note an improvement in their breathing.

  1. Improvement in Mental Health

Many women experience the psychological stress of having large breasts, which includes the feeling of discomfort each time they catch unwanted attention and receive lewd comments. As a result, many of them become withdrawn, depressed, and anxious. As state of mind and mood play a crucial role in any person’s quality of life, women who get breast reduction notice improvements in their mental health.

As you can see, breast reduction surgery offers not just cosmetic benefits but also improvement in overall health. If your large breasts make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, you can find relief from this surgery. Discover more about how breast reduction can help by calling Dr. Sato’s office and request a consultation.