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Winter Is Prime Time for Plastic Surgery- Top Procedures to Consider

winter time plastic surgery houston

If you’re considering plastic surgery, the winter is one of the best times to do it. Not that you can’t receive stellar results any time of the year (you can), but winter is an especially good time for many treatments. Let’s take a look at a few procedures perfect for winter.


Do you want a gorgeous summer body? Winter is the time to start planning and for many liposuction is the solution. The liposuction procedure itself involves making small incisions through which unwanted fat is suctioned out. It isn’t designed for weight loss, but to contour and reshape the body, targeting trouble spots like the abdomen, flanks (love handles), outer thighs (saddlebags), upper arms, neck/chin, etc.

Why is winter a great time for liposuction? Although the procedure only requires missing a few days of work and avoiding strenuous exercises for about 2 weeks, it can take longer for the swelling and bruising to fully resolve. Getting the surgery in the winter ensures that your body will be ready for bikini season. Colder winter weather also makes it easier to hide the compression garments you’ll wear after surgery under clothing and to heal without everyone knowing you’ve had surgery.


Do you dream of looking 10 years younger? Consider a facelift this winter. A facelift removes loose skin, tightens facial muscles, repositions tissue, and rejuvenates the face. It can dramatically improve the appearance of lines, creases and wrinkles, tighten up jowls, and improve the profile of your face and neck.

Winter is a great time for a facelift. As you heal you’ll need to stay out of the sun. Sun exposure too soon can change your scars, making them more visible. You’ll also need several weeks of recovery time, something that is often easier to achieve during the winter. Winter hats and scarves can make it easier to hide incisions and bruising as you heal.

Breast Augmentation

Come in for breast augmentation this winter and enjoy perky, full breasts come spring. Breast augmentation places a saline or silicone implant inside of the breast to add volume and improve shape. It is easily paired with a breast lift for women experiencing ptosis (sagging).

If you’re considering breast augmentation, winter is an ideal time for your surgery. The extra layers you wear in the winter will make it easier to cover your surgical bra. Right after breast augmentation the breasts are higher than usual. It can take several weeks for them to soften and fall into their natural position. Sweaters, jackets, etc. will camouflage the changes in your breasts during the initial weeks after surgery. Come summer, your breasts will be ready for swimsuits, tanks, etc.