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On the BlogFace It – You’re in Need of a Facial Fat Transfer

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Think wrinkles and sagging skin are the worst of your aging problems? You’ve got it wrong. Nothing tells age on your face quite like facial volume loss. Think gaunt cheeks and dark circles around the eyes.

Genetics determine facial contours and definition for the most part, but unfortunately other factors such as gravity, your lifestyle habits, and exposure to harmful pollutants can seriously affect the look and feel of your skin. If you are unhappy with your facial volume, you can always improve the appearance of your face using facial fat transfer and injectables.

How Does Facial Fat Transfer Work?

A fat transfer procedure is not a new procedure by any means. It has been in use for decades now. Fat transfer is also called fat grafting. It is a process that involves the transfer of fat from areas of your body that are abundant in fat to places that are not so.

In this case, it’s the face that needs the fat. The fat is removed via liposuction. It is then prepared to be injected into the face to restore volume. The result is a very safe procedure with minimal chance of complications.

Since the fat is sourced from your own body, there is little chance for your body to reject it or nurture any risk of infection. Some of the areas that are commonly treated in facial fat transfer are – the hollows under your eyes, flattened cheeks, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Other than the basic criteria for all cosmetic surgery patients, those willing to undergo a facial fat transfer must have adequate amounts of fat in their body. Also, they must be at a stable weight.

How is a facial fat transfer carried out? First, there is the fat harvesting procedure that involves the removal of fat from predetermined areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs gently using liposuction. Small incisions are made to gain excess to the underlying fat, but they are strategically placed to limit the visibility of post-surgical marks.

The fat that has been derived from these areas is then manipulated slightly to prepare it for injection into the depressions and hollows on your face. The idea is to rejuvenate and recontour your face to give it a fuller and more healthy-looking appearance. Tiny incisions are made and fine cannulas are inserted and used to transfer the fat.


Candidates who’ve had a fat transfer performed on them are recommended to take at least a week’s time off work. Patients should also make sure to avoid participating in strenuous activities during this time as well. The swelling is expected to subside within this time and you should be able to view the results of the procedure on your appearance.

It generally takes a total of six months for the results to be fully apparent. Patients may choose to have the fat transfer performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for a more significant aesthetic improvement.

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