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A Facial Fat Transfer Procedure Makes Good Use of Excess Fat Cells

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Rejuvenating your facial features can be achieved through facial fat injections. Also known as micro-lipo-injection, a facial fat transfer is a surgical procedure that utilizes one’s own fat to make improvements in the facial region. It is an ideal solution for people who want to enhance their facial features with more long lasting natural results.

This procedure is ideal for filling out sunken areas of the face where volume loss has occurred secondary to aging. It allows you to achieve the more youthful look you desire. Shadowing from volume loss around the eyes can lead to dark circles or a tired appearance. Facial fat transfer can make you look more alert and approachable.

The procedure is divided into three steps:

  1. To begin, your doctor will perform liposuction wherein the excess fat is removed from areas like the abdomen, waistline, thighs and love handles.
  2. After the liposuction process is completed, the fat cells are isolated and cleansed.
  3. Once the fat cells are purified, your doctor will inject the fat cells into specific areas of the face.

The Benefits of Facial Fat Injections

A facial fat transfer can provide a number of great benefits which includes:

  • Improving the look of the perioral region and nasolabial folds by filling in deeper wrinkles or folds or by adding volume back to the lips.
  • Reducing the hollow appearance that develops at the temples and under the eyes.
  • Improving the contours of the cheek bones and mid face.

In fact any facial area where there is a loss of fat and lack of volume can be corrected using this procedure. Sometimes a single fat transfer injection may do the trick while some cases require more than one injection.

Difference Between Dermal Fillers And Fat Injection

The most significant difference between the two is that fat transfer injection does not involve any form of foreign material being introduced into the body. Any patients who might be allergic to dermal filler ingredients or those who prefer more “natural” products will be the ideal candidates for this type of procedure.

The fat injection also offers a visual enhancement that lasts much longer than other treatment methods. In most cases, you experience effects that last more than two years. In some patients the results can be seen for an indefinite period. On the other hand, dermal fillers produce results which last only for a 6 months to 2 years depending on the specific type of filler.

Fat injection may be more cost effective if you have moderate to severe “aging” of the face that would require several syringes of filler.

The Post Injection Stage – Process of Recovery

The slight discomforts experienced by the patients who undergo a facial fat transfer include swelling and bruising in the targeted areas. Within a few days, the swelling will subside and any other discomfort you feel can be remedied through the use pain medications. You will be given post-surgical instructions to help guide you through the recovery process and experience the best results possible.

The results of the procedure will be visible almost immediately after the treatment. Because some of the fat that is injected does not survive we must over-compensate which can leave you looking “swollen” for a 4-6 weeks after surgery. As the swelling resolves and the fat volume loss occurs your results will become more natural. Your end result will be a more vibrant and youthful look that will make you feel more confident.

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